Naruto Dating Tsume Fanfiction

Naruto woke up to see his ice mistress next to him as she laid on his body. Naruto chuckled at the loving sight as he gave his Haku a kiss on the cheek. Haku smiled in her sleep as she stirred awake. Haku looked up at her blond with a loving smile. Naruto smiled as he got out of bed. He let Haku stay in bed as he decided to get dressed. He remembered he promised three lovely ladies their dates and who was He to disappoint. Naruto left Haku’s room and went back to his room to get his clothes. As he headed to his room, Naruto passed Anko’s room and saw her in her delicates trying to pick out a dress.

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Naruto awoke in his favorite position, snuggled against his girlfriend of two years, Hana. The last two years had been somewhat boring compared to the years prior, but Naruto wouldn’t trade them for anything. He had stopped going on constant A and B-rank missions and had a chance to settle down.

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Naruto was fifteen-year-old genin that just been a genin for almost a month even so he didn’t like the two teammates he had. He was stuck with them because of they did the whole team placing because of his bad grades that he had faked being dead last to hide his true skills from the village. He did know who Kurama was and they have bonded much over the years, he even learned just who his family was. There were many things that he had known that the Hokage didn’t even realize because he wanted to keep everyone in the dark.

He wanted to show them all just how strong he really was at the very right moment not anytime sooner. Naruto was on his way to the Inuzuka clan grounds because he had a plan that could help them with their problem. The problem they were having was that the Uchiha clan was trying to force Hana to merry Sasuke against her own free will which he hated. The Inuzuka clan was one of the few people to help him over his whole life and he was finally a shinobi.

He had spent much time coming up with this plan and he had known there was no way it couldn’t work.

Mom’s Disappointment, Son’s Enjoyment

Hey Guys, I know it’s been a while an some of you have asked for more chapters for ‘Behind Her Eyes’ but as of right now I have scraped everything that I have written since last time I updated. I had 2 chapters done and a half revised one in the works when I realized that I was starting to drift into a different direction than the one planned out for the story. I don’t know when I will next update it but hopefully soon seeing as my thoughts haven’t really been on that story or KP for all that matter; but I will be putting some time in to sit down and flesh out a good fourth chapter that.

This time his date was Inuzuka Hana, Naruto and Hana had met way back. Naruto while practising a new technique injured a fox in the forest.

Readers can read all books for free, without any ads and give the authors feedback. Books that perform well based on their reader engagement are published by Inkitt in different formats and channels. I was asked by Hokage-Jiisan to bring them here. The two brothers were tied up with Nin wire for almost a month. And the other two had their throats slit.

A normal medic has dealt with the outer damage but their vocal cords were damaged and need repaired. Plus Hokage-Jiisan wants medical reports on the four of them. So he decided to wait until he was done being healed. Their previous employer tried to off them. Their employer found them while still drugged.

Madara/Tobirama Celebration Week — fineillsignup: Smartphone Tobirama #01, by HANA✿,…

OKay, Imma try and get this shit wrote. My friend asked me to try and do this challenge. A Naruto story, this’ll prolly be a two or three-shot, that centered around the term “This is a motherfucking invitation”. So lets get it on! First chap’ll prolly be short, embarrassingly so. Treats me like, pfft.

”Why would he Naruto? What did you do?” Asked Sakura his pink haired team mate. ”Because he found out me and Hana are dating just now.

View Badges! Contribute to This Folder. ShinoHanaFC gallery. Latest Gallery Contributors. Jinxprincess13 3 Deviations Featured: Arrangements. The doors were always open to family at the Inuzuka compound, he could certainly ensure that much, but it still unnerved him that evening when his older sister came round. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to see her or anything like that, but she was heavily pregnant.

‘The Black Fox’ a Naruto Fanfiction Riff

The name’s rolled one after another on the large screen looking over the rather plain room where the Preliminaries of the Chunin exams were being held. The names stopped. Kiba couldn’t help but smile as she watched Naruto nearly fall down onto the arena floor.

Hana had just slammed the door to her house and walked into the a pussy the whole date, she had thought he was paying attention when.

My beta is on his job right now, so till he gets back I’m trying to make sure this story is good. I went over it so many times to make it good and for you to enjoy it. Hopefully I did a good job at that but I’ll let you guys be the judge of that. Warning flamers, your flames will just be used to heat up water for Naruto’s ramen so don’t bother trying to flame this story. Outside the meeting room Naruto and Tsume are both heading to see Hana but he’s slowly moving his hand to her rear causing her to look at him.

She does want her daughter to be happy just for being with Naruto but she doesn’t know how she will react to the fact her kaa is dating him as well. She opens the door and Naruto waits for her walk in before walking in after her closing the door behind them. When the two of them walk into the living room they see Hana sitting the couch talking to her partners “Hana-chan I have something to tell you.

When the kiss breaks Hana looks at him but she sees her kaa starting to kiss him causing her to stare with a blank look. Why did you tell him? Naruto takes his shirt off because it is way to small now but Tsume takes it from him and throws it away.

The Consequences

Naruto rescued Ayame from her kidnappers, and it was revealed that both her and her father are Jashinist. The kidnapping is also a reference to the Shinobi Chef from the series, but I decided to take it into a more darker form. So now, Ayame is officially one of Naruto’s girls, she just needs to get marked.

Hana looked up to see that Kiba was packing for his trip to Tea County. “You, know I’m older than you so I can date who ever I feel like.” She said.

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